Post-Graduate GIS Certificate Program / University of California, Riverside, CA

B.A. / Geology / University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO 

Diploma Civil Engineering Technologies / Bucks County Technical School Fairless Hills, PA 


Professional Land Surveyor California PLS 8854 

Professional Land Surveyor Oregon PLS 88200 

Professional Land Surveyor Colorado PLS 0038460

Geographic Information Systems Professional GISP 20980


California Land Surveyors Association - CLSA

Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon - PLSO

Nevada Association of Land Surveyors - NALS

American Council of Civil Engineering Companies 



Oregon DOT I-5 Siskiyou Rest Area - Welcome Center Construction Staking

Ashland, OR

Office and field survey services to provide construction staking surveying services on new rest area and gateway welcome Center 

COSO Geothermal Project GPS Monitoring Project-China Lake Navy Warfare Center

China Lake, CA 

Office services in support of a 78 station GPS monitoring survey. Efforts include research and analysis of historical monitoring data and acquisition methods, development of pre-observation plan and procedures, post-processing of field GPS observation data, QC data processing using NGS OPUS products, data analysis and comparison of final values to historical and preparation of technical report.  

FEMA Floodplain Mapping Support-Blaine County, ID 

Office and field survey services to preform survey cross sections in support of regional flood model development. Efforts included RTK-GPS and conventional surveys in remote wilderness areas of the Big Wood River and it’s various tributaries.  

Lake Tahoe Watershed High Resolution LiDAR Mapping-Lake Tahoe CA/NV

Project Manager responsible for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) request to capture a high resolution LiDAR dataset set of approximately 375 sq. miles of the Lake Tahoe watershed. Efforts included developing and establishing a high accuracy GPS geodetic control network with redundant GPS observations of available high order horizontal and vertical control, collection of calibration and independent quality control points for the mapping area. 

USACE Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway Design and Construction-Folsom, CA

Office and field survey provided services to assist design engineers, USACE personnel and various other team members over five year duration. Efforts included 3D HDS scanning of earlier excavations for qualities and post pour scanning and modeling of constructed Tainer gates QA/QC review, control surveys, geotechnical evaluation survey support and construction staking. 

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project-Los Angeles, CA

High Definition Laser Scanning (HDS) technical manager for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project. Under his direction, staff collected as-built measurements for multiple sub-surface storm drain structures and subway tunnels for future linking of existing light rail transit systems through downtown Los Angeles. Access to these structures required Metro rail safety and confined space training and required non-conventional survey challenges to control the HDS data acquisition to the project control network. 

Los Angeles International Airport Taxilane T-Los Angeles, CA

High Definition Laser Scanning (HDS) technical manager for the LAX Taxilane T American Airlines hanger and T4 Connector Projects. Under his direction, staff collected as-built measurements needed for the structural re-enforcements; clearance envelopes and other necessary design/built components using terrestrial laser scanning. Data was compiled and delivered to design engineers and consultants for incorporation into the project Building Information Model (BIM). 

Truckee Tahoe Sanitation Agency (TTS-A) Truckee River Interceptor (TRI) As-Built Surveys-Truckee, CA 

Project Manager responsible for efforts to locate and accurately as-built approximately 185 manholes and other structures along the TRI from Tahoe City to the Truckee Plant site. These efforts included developing and establishing a high accuracy GPS geodetic control network along approximately 19 miles of the project area. Efforts included redundant GPS observations of available high order horizontal and vertical control and digital leveling campaigns. Once this control network was constructed and control values were verified, digital leveling and conventional traversing campaigns were utilized to collect as-built data.

Five Lakes PLSS Section Corner Recovery and Restoration, Granite Chief Wilderness Area-Placer County, CA

Sr. Project Manager responsible to perform preliminary research and reconnaissance to determine the level of effort required to re-establish the section corner common to Sections 5,6,7 & 8 located in Township 15 North, Range 16 East, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian. The original surveys that established the section corner common to Sections 5,6,7 & 8 were completed in 1885 by the General Land Office (GLO).

Upon completion of these preliminary efforts, Mr. Farrauto was tasked with determining the position of and remonumenting the subject section corner. Efforts included coordination with the US Forest Service-Tahoe National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Sacramento Office to review records and field data collected. A Letter of Inquiry and resolution report were submitted to the BLM for review. Their findings were that 'sufficient evidence exists to restore the section corner' based on the information provided and surveys performed. 

Alpine Meadows Bridge Replacement Project over the Truckee River-Placer County, California

Sr. Project Manager in responsible charge of construction surveys in conformance with the Caltrans Survey Manual specifications. Efforts to densify project control and establish additional control outside the construction areas suitable for on-going construction activities. Provided construction staking for finish grade, drain systems, electrical vaults, waterlines, bridge abutments, potholes and finish grade layout. 

I-580 Oakland Maze Collapse, Caltrans-Alameda County, CA

On April 29, 2007, a fuel tanker overturned causing the now well-known MacArthur Maze Collapse. The traffic accident occurred near Oakland on the southbound I-80 to I-880 connector, resulting in intense fire, heat, and eventual collapse of the I-580 connector above. The morning after C.C. Myers, Inc. won the contract to rebuild the I-580 connector, Within two hours field crews were on the road. Mr. Farrauto was the Project Surveyor for this high-profile project. Within twenty hours of notice to proceed, as-built drawings for the final steel fabrication were delivered. Crews used two type of scanning equipment to survey for the As-Built measurements and was later asked to provide a layout survey for the bent cap girders.

Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Relicensing

Project Manager/GIS Specialist responsible for data acquisition and formatting per FERC specifications and guidelines. Using available PCWA documents, deeds and recorded surveys, Development of a landnet for the entire project area with reference to the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). These efforts included outreach with public and private land owners and retracement of original Government Land Office (GLO) survey plats and notes. Assessment information for the parcels located within the FERC boundary was compiled into a GIS project database per FERC specifications.

Harding Blvd. to Royer Park Bikeway-Roseville, CA

Project Manager of field survey and office support to prepare a topographic survey along the proposed route, including the following existing roadways, sidewalks, all utilities, manholes, fences, drainage swales, all trees 6” or larger dbh, cross-sections of creek at crossing. Supplemental topographic surveys at additional sites at the request of Project Engineer. Prepare map at a scale of 1”=30’ with 1-foot contour interval. Field survey and office support to create a project LandNet of the entire project for use in creating easements as directed by Project Engineer. 

Serene Lakes Hydrographic Survey-Placer County, CA

Project Surveyor for providing hydrographic surveys of Serene Lakes using GPS techniques combined with digital echo sounding equipment for a capacity study. Additional services included data analysis, filtered and placed into the CAD mapping of the overall site. A DTM of the lake bottoms was merged into the contour mapping of the site for the final engineering design mapping.

Lake Spaulding PG&E Powerhouse HDS Scanning-Placer County, CA

Project Surveyor responsible for performing HDS scanning to determine the extent of the cavitation and for the design of the replacement cladding of two pressure release valve (PRV) discharge horns within the Lake Spaulding Powerhouse No.1. The site was located within the Lake Spaulding Dam and require restricted access within confined spaces. 

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Mapping and Entitlements-Placer County, CA

Project Manager for determining boundary and easement locations, as well as all required surveying and mapping for over 9,000 acres of both Squaw Valley and the neighboring Alpine Meadows Ski Areas. Crews worked at elevations in excess of 8,000 feet for many of the assignments and engineered methods to get GPS and surveying equipment to remote locations. FEMA structure and cross section surveys were conducted for flood analysis and datum transformation along Squaw Creek. Resort expansion has included adding new lifts, a new village center and upgrading facilities. Additional work included determining boundary and easement locations, and construction staking.

PCWA MFAR Penstock Access Improvement Project Design and Construction Staking, Middle Fork American River-Placer County, CA

Project Manager responsible for field and office work to provide on-call design and construction surveying services for the French Meadows & Ralston Penstocks. These efforts include office calculations, field staking, terrestrial LiDAR data acquisition and project management based on the approved improvement plans. As part of this task survey control points were recovered, reestablished and/or new points set to facilitate the construction surveys and the reference points identified by the design engineers in the survey data table will be established. Terrestrial LiDAR data was acquired, modeled and utilized to capture design level data in difficult to access areas.

CA DWR Levee Geotech Evaluation, California Department of Water Resources-Northern California

Project Surveyor assisting with GPS site calibration for ground control. Teaming with URS/GEI/Fugro to provide field survey cross-sections and structures. The levees being evaluated extend from the Redding area down through the San Joaquin area. 

National Levee Database Project, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers-Northern California

Project Surveyor responsible for supporting technical tasks related to 240 miles of levee surveying for PBS&J and the U.S Army Corp of Engineers. Services included field data/attribute collection and office processing for the inclusion into the National Levee Database Project. 

Sacramento River Valley LiDAR Mapping-Sacramento River Valley, CA

Project Surveyor responsible for LiDAR flight plan preparation, LiDAR ground base station network control planning and occupations during LiDAR acquisition, acquisition of airborne LiDAR data, GPS data post processing, and development and execution of Work Plans and Quality Control Plans for all phases of the work covering approximately 2000 square miles of the Upper Sacramento River.

Central Valley Floodplain Management and Mapping Project-Central Valley, CA

Project Surveyor responsible for research/collection of published data, calculating error budgets, field reconnaissance and compiling a final report in preparation of a FEMA floodplain management project. Develop a control network diagram for airborne GPS/LIDAR data capture and mapping for approximately 21,000 sq. ft. miles of the Central Valley. This control network will be “Blue Booked” with the NGS and published within their database. Process data and create GIS formatted files per client specifications. 

El Dorado Irrigation District Sly Park Dam Monitoring-Placerville, CA

Project Manager responsible for the establishment of a reference network of monitoring stations for EID’s Sly Park Dam site. The Sly Park Dam had recently been acquired from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamations and little information of the existing reference network was known. Outreach efforts with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamations insured that all datum information and existing reference / monitoring stations were confirmed prior to survey efforts. Field surveys to recover the survey control and make multiple horizontal and vertical measurements of monitoring monuments were conducted. Multiple measurements of angles and distances together with digital leveling observations were combined into a least squares adjustment to minimize random errors and obtain relative positions of monuments. The results showed that no movement could be detected in the monuments at the precision of 0.01 feet in the measurements for horizontal and vertical movement.